Kilimanjaro, the ascent of Africa’s tallest mountain: one week above the clouds

An ascent made in September 2018 by the Machame route: an itinerary achievable in seven days by a trail that starts from the Machame Gate (southwest of the volcano) and rises between mounts Shira (the first peak formed by volcanic activity) and Kibo, before accessing the summit (Uhuru Peak culminating at 19,340 feet via the Stella Point located at 18,885 feet). This slide show highlights the different landscapes crossed to the summit: low plains, mountain forest, high altitude moorland, alpine desert and threatened ice cap.

Greenland Travel and Trek: 10 Things to Know about the White Island of the Arctic

Covered largely by ice, the White Island was named « Green land » by Erik the Red (c. 940 – c. 1010) in the hope that the name would attract settlers in search of more habitable spaces, including his fellow Vikings from Iceland. In the midst of a transformation, this land of contrasts, 80% of which is occupied by an ice sheet, has been hit hard by climate change. The consequences are threatening to have global repercussions (rising water levels due to the melting of the ice cap), but also to offer local opportunities; access to the mineral-rich subsoil, changes in fishing periods and areas… Ten facts to know about these new challenges that will affect the 56,661 inhabitants of this gigantic territory, whose dynamics are disrupting the entire planet.